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Archangle's Links and Stuff

This page is for me to list links and short comments for general information on Apnea.

This is just a convenient place for me to conveniently list links that may be of interest to other board users.


Advice on which machine to buy

How to figure out what model CPAP machine you have.

Read BEFORE you get ripped off. A few excellent items for new CPAP users from Janknitz:

These will be very helpful to keep you from being ripped off by the DME (CPAP seller.)

What you need to know before you meet your DME.

Don't Pay that Upcharge!

SleepyHead, a free program to analyze data from many CPAP machines.

CPAP Setup Manuals. How to change the settings on many CPAP machines.

How to Disconnect a CPAP hose.

Prevent Windows 8 and 10 from damaging S9 SD cards. (tip of the hat to diamaunt)

Apneaboard discussion

Here are some links about how to fix this. Note that most of you will have to use the "regedit" version of this fix because the home edition of Windows doesn't have the group policy editor/Administrative Templates function.

Microsoft discussionof a fix for this bug. A more graphical description of the same fix.

This post suggests a way to uncorrupt an SD card that has been damaged by Windows 8.1.

[Note] You need to be an administrator to do this. Go to the task bar. (tap the windows button is one way) Type "cmd". Right click on "command prompt" or whatever comes up in your version of Windows. Run as administrator. Follow the instructions in the post linked above.

Resmed tubing disinfection guide, mask disinfection guide, S9 humidifier disinfection guide, AirSense 10 humidifier and tubing reprocessing guide. These are the for "clinical" use, not normal home users, but the information may be useful to the home user.

ResMed says not to dishwash the water tub, but they also say it's safe to wash disassembled water tubs in the dishwasher. "Please note that the disassembled tub lid, plate and base may also be washed in a dishwasher on the delicate or glassware cycle (top shelf only)."

Resmed guide to using battery power for your CPAP.

Eliminating gas or "aerophagia." I haven't tried this myself, but it's free and worth a try. Eliminating aerophagia second video.

Using the Oracle Oral Mask for Ear and Eye problems

How to Post a Screenshot.

How to save or share a copy of your SD card data.

Miscellaneous links. Not necessarily important, but I want to keep them.

Resmed S9 data card FAQs.

Central Apnea Detection -

Apnea scoring:

CDC study estimating flu deaths at 23,000 per year in the US.

ResMed "fast" replacement schedule.

Missing DLL's for SleepyHead. Click here to download missing DLL's if you have problems when trying to run SleepyHead, especially something like "The program can't start because MSVCP120.dll is missing from your computer."

Further notes on machine features. (Work in progress)

Miscellaneous Info

Non-Resettable Hours

These are the hour counters that can't be reset to zero.

ResMed S9 - "Run Hours" can't be reset. "Used Hours" can be reset. Both are available by pushing the info button and scrolling with the knob.

ResMed A10 - Similar to S9. Menu access may be slightly different.

PRS1 - "Machine Hours" can't be reset. "Therapy" and "Blower" hours can be reset. Go into provider menu, select "info."

Archangle's Chin Strap.

Take a 3 inch non-adhesive Ace bandage. Wrap it 3 times around your head. Secure with safety pins. With practice, you can take it off and put it back on without having to rewrap. You can vary the number of times around the head and/or cut it shorter to vary force and stretch.

It's cheap to try. I find it fairly comfortable and it wicks moisture away.

It will lose elasticity and need to be replaced in a month or two.

I've recently (Jan 2016) found Ace makes a black non-adhesive bandage. It's a little harder to find than the flesh toned ones, but seems to work better and last longer.

Brands other than Ace tend not to work as well or last as long for me. Some of them also stink of rubber.

I have recently found that Walmart sells a 3 inch non-adhesive bandage that is much cheaper than the Ace bandage and doesn't stink of rubber.

Even More Disorganized Notes

Just a place to put miscellaneous notes I want to keep somewhere.

Unclassified apnea is usually an indication that the leak rate is too high and the machine realizes it can't tell OA from CA.

Semi-permanently disable ResMed A10 cell modem by opening the case.

How to install a Dreamstation cell modem. I presume you reverse the process to disable it.