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[Data] Anyone in Aussie Told MyAir They Were in Us?
(01-05-2018, 05:27 PM)jaswilliams Wrote: The machine talks to the mobile network it does not connect to your internet... unless we are talking the WiFi sd cards here. But as you were talking about my air I have assumed you mean the ‘modem’ in your cpap machine.

My thought is that the machine generates reports to DME over cell and uploads to myAir on wifi.

It can take all day to get the data on myAir and it sometimes arrives in pieces. It doesn't seem to correspond exactly to the machine. It can be super quick over cell to the DME.
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Oh! I missed all this. Subscriptions. Hmmm.

Well I kind of gave up. And in doing so I also wrote to Resmed, asking why an imported machine, all legit despite importation by the people in Australia to whom I paid the hard-earned in order to save a few more hundred of harder-earned, was denied access to a local network in order to help me not only use my 'lifesaving' machine, but also to use it to the maximum effectiveness in terms of my 'therapy'. Or to that effect, anyway.

I never heard back, of course.
But somehow I was still getting pats on the back via email since I signed up, and this morning lo and behold, I have trophies!
So I logged in on the PC and yep there they were, along with data.
Well compared to Sleepyhead I probably wouldn't call it data, but clearly it had harvested something from my connection.
I have no idea how this happened, but whatever network it connected to, it seems to have worked.
Oh and the night before showed a score of 100, yet if I have my night right (MyAir is on PST), it was not one of my better nights at all compared to Sleepyhead). Go figure.
What will be interesting today is that I have to take paperwork to the GP in order to legally drive with a SA diagnosis.

[Image: oFzTiXjl.png]
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(01-06-2018, 06:47 PM)Walla Walla Wrote: Not being from Australia would you explain to me why you all can't just sign up for My Air? I'm trying to follow along but don't understand it.  Is it because the program is in English?   Wink

Apparently Resmed have some sort of closed shop going on.  I'd read somewhere that they were encouraged by the tax department about closing the market to support or some such - or was it pricing?  Something, anyway. 
That was supposed to be sorted, but it's still prohibitive to many here in OZ to buy an Australian-designed machine. 
The irony is of course that my machine was made in Singapore.  Don't know where others bought on Australian soil were made. Some say theirs are Aussie made, but I have my doubts.  I'd love to be proven wrong, however that brings up other issues for a wider market then Australia. 
It's gouging to my mind, which is why I went through the local drop-shipper as well as not using a sleep clinic.
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Well I hope they work it out someday for you all. It's not like your missing much with My Air though. SleepyHead is a much better program.
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(01-09-2018, 09:34 PM)Walla Walla Wrote: Well I hope they work it out someday for you all.  It's not like your missing much with My Air though. SleepyHead is a much better program.

I couldn't agree more. 
However I do believe sleep clinics will have full access to more exhaustive data within these programs which is completely inaccessible to mere mortals. The plebs' app and the clinician's app, I suppose. I can't see how they could possibly make assessments of patients' progress otherwise. Besides, if they frown upon Sleepyhead, they must have much more depth built into it which is worth blocking to keep the 'industry' going. Can't have people using common sense and working with their own GPs now, can we?
So considering what access we have to proper sleep data via our own machines, I really don't see the point, now I've managed to eyeball what's available via Resmed's own. 
Time to activate aeroplane mode, I'm thinking. It's not worth the spying.
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Well the sleep centers may have access to it but most won't use it except for AHI and time used. That's why they don't mind people using a brick.
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From what I'm reading on the Aussie FB page, I suspect you're quite right. As here, the people are doing it better for each other and themselves.
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I got my ResMed AirSense 10 via the govt (EnableNSW) as my sleep apnea was deemed severe enough (AHI in sleep study was 160 <-- I'm special lol)  My sleep clinic was surprised (and I think impressed) that this is the machine EnableNSW sent me.  Last I heard my sleep tech was currently chasing up the ability to access my machine and data remotely (and therefore other patients in future).  I thought it was all a bit strange that the modem etc wasn't sent to the sleep clinic before my machine was sent to me.  

I do like the MyAir app with the points (even though I think the scoring is weighted poorly - eg what does the number of times I go to the bathroom at night count as long as I'm getting enough decent sleep) and I like the green smiley faces on the machine itself lol, however, I don't put a lot of stock in either - I currently take my SD card into the sleep clinic and they're super happy with my results (my sleep doc gave me a High Distinction so nerrr Tongue )   I am planning to start using SleepyHead to monitor my own progress in future as the sleep doc doesn't need to see me for AGES and I'd rather keep on top of any issues such as leaks etc - especially since until ResMed sets up my sleep tech with access to my data remotely.... I guess I'll have to do it myself.  

Thank goodness for this type of forum .... its good to feel less alone and get real advice and support.

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Yep, All true, Minty. I couldn't make head or tail of any of it until I found this forum. I'm feeling confident enough now to manage my own therapy.

As for the GP and license thing. Well, we're talking about a young GP with way better things to do. He's forgotten to write prescriptions and adequately fill out blood forms in order to get me out the door, short of yelling "Next!". That's what you get if you're lucky enough to find and be seen at a bulk billing clinic, so we put up with it. My appointment was actually for last week but there was a stuff-up and I had to reschedule.

Yes it's simple and straightforward to have your license legal with this diagnosis. If your GP gets it right, that is. I get to the licensing place with what I think is the right paperwork.
Turns out the GP's health assessment forms are not completed. And the one that really matters is missing the motorcycle class component. WTF??? We had that conversation FFS.
So having fronted up with it all, thank goodness the clerk notices the omission and informs me of it. If it all went though without the bike license class, I'd be devastated.

So back I go across a few suburbs to the GP before he races out the door (i rang ahead from the transport office, thankfully just in time).
Get the thing corrected, and leave the uncompleted assessment form to be finished and put in the file. "Ok, I'll get it filed", says the nurse. "No, no, it needs to be completed before it's filed". "Ok, says the nurse, I'll get it filed". "No no, please ask him to ensure it's COMPLETED before it's filed".
I don't think he realises the ramifications for me if the paperwork is not in order should the law have to come sniffing around if I have an accident. I'll get the fine (over $7,000 in my state), and likely sued. He was having a quick read online about how people have accidents with sleep apnoea, and that it's dangerous.... but try and get yourself legal with his help and all you get is a lot of running around, being a danger on the road. Go figure.
I should have known better and checked everything before I left the first time.
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(01-09-2018, 09:48 PM)Doza Wrote:
(01-09-2018, 09:34 PM)Walla Walla Wrote: Well I hope they work it out someday for you all.  It's not like your missing much with My Air though. SleepyHead is a much better program.

...if they frown upon Sleepyhead, they must have much more depth built into it which is worth blocking to keep the 'industry' going. Can't have people using common sense and working with their own GPs now, can we?
I must have struck it lucky with my Specialist.  He saw me for the initial consultation, the 6month follow, again after 2years, and then after another 3years.  I have always given him my own download reports from Sleepyhead.   He loves the reports and doesn’t look for more info. After the most recent visit he wrote to my GP telling him that he was happy enough with my self management and for the GP to continue with the management without referring me back unless there were issues. ( Apparently it would be different if I was a Heavy Vehicle Driver )
Disclaimer: The 'Advisory Member' title is a Forum thing that I cannot change. I am not a doctor and my comments are purely my opinion or quote my personal experience. Regardless of my experience other readers mileage may vary.
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