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Dreamwear Issues
FWIW: I'm on day 13 with my first PAP device (AirSense 10 Autoset) and a Dreamwear mask. I've noticed a couple things relevant to this thread:
1) I too have noticed a slight and annoying reduction in air flow when sleeping on my side, but mostely when the air pressure was at the minimum of 5 cmH2O. I reset my device to have the minimum pressure be 6 cmH2O and that strangling sensation seemed to reduce to the point that I can sleep with it comfortably. Maybe I'll try a minimum pressure of 7 at some point and see if the reduced air flow issue goes away completely.
2) Leaks around my nose as I moved and tossed in my sleep were also annoying, along with a slight soar spot on the septum of my nose. So, for the last two nights, I've been placing a little bit of lotion at the base of my septum which has made the sore spot go away and surprisingly also significantly reduced the leaks when I move around. I think the lotion lubricates the nasal pillow enough that it can readjust as I move around and maintain a seal.
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I've been using a DreamWear for about 3 weeks.

Unlike most, I went FROM a P10 and like the DreamWear better.

Leaking around the nose, especially when changing positions was annoying. I would find myself fiddling with it every time I shifted positions, which meant I was more awake than I needed to be more times than I needed to be.

A couple days ago I started playing with the different size cushions. The sizing card that comes with the thing put me squarely in "medium" and that's what I had been using. After playing around the other night, trying out medium wide, large, and finally the small, it seemed like the small might work better.

I've been using the small for two nights now, and both nights have gone MUCH better. Less leaks (both perception and backed-up by data) and more comfort. It just seems to stay put better and I don't feel the need to mess with it as much.

I sleep on my side almost always, and haven't noticed any reduction in air flow. My low pressure is 10, if that matters.

The only thing I would really like to see different is the exhaust vent. I'm conscious of the stream of air coming out, especially when facing towards my wife, and have to "point" it in an acceptable direction. It's a little bit noisier than the P10, but not much and it doesn't bother me.
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Could it be that the perceived reduction in the airflow, when sleeping on the side, depends on the pillow one uses? I mean, a stiffer pillow may be collapsing the side tube more than a fluffy one. Or, when sleeping on the side, if one puts his arm under the cheek / side tube.
I use medium hardness pillow and have not noticed any reduction in the airflow when turning from my back to the side position as long as my head is resting on the pillow. When it's resting on my arm... maybe. I'm not sure.
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(01-13-2016, 12:31 AM)SideSleeper Wrote: ... I have marked a line on the frame with a sharpie where the end of the velcro tab should be--it helps to get it in the right spot.

Thanks, good tip!
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Hi. Started out with the P10 Pilllows when I began CPAP in Sep 2015. In Dec. I got the Dreamwear mask not so much because I had a problem with the P10, but the Dreamwear looked intriguing and I wanted a backup mask. Well, my experience with both of them appears to be similar. I lean more towards the P10, but unless it is a brand new pillow, I sometimes have problems getting it adjusted just right so there are no leaks. Right now, the inside of my nose is cracked from a constant running drip, so may have to switch it out for the Dreamwear for a bit. The DW is okay, but I never seem to have assurance that my adjustment under the nose is 100% correct. That said, according to SleepyHead and the ResMed site, my AHI is typically under 2 with both masks. Am thinking of looking into a minimalist FF mask as I do tend to breathe thru my mouth during the night when one side of my nose or the other is plugged up, which is most of the time. Don't want to use a chin strap. Any suggestions on a minimalist FF mask would be appreciated.
"Freedom is the oxygen of the soul."
Moshe Dayan
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Fisher and Paykel Simplus mask.

Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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(01-15-2016, 12:05 PM)PaytonA Wrote: Fisher and Paykel Simplus mask.

Thanks, PaytonA; will check it out.
"Freedom is the oxygen of the soul."
Moshe Dayan
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(01-15-2016, 06:57 PM)kingskid Wrote:
(01-15-2016, 12:05 PM)PaytonA Wrote: Fisher and Paykel Simplus mask.

Thanks, PaytonA; will check it out.

Well for heaven's sake, it's a full face mask. Not anywhere near the same category, and if you have sensitive skin, it just contacts more of it.

Get yinz over to da Airfit P10 and be happy.


P10 cult member.
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I have been trying to get used to the dreamwear for almost two weeks. It is very noisy and gets loud when i turn to my side. i try sleeping on my back but don't like that position so go back to my side. I do like the fact that the hose is on top and there is little on your face. Last night I tried to go to sleep with it and it was so loud I took it off and had to get up to find another mask. I chose one that was over the nose but on the forehead (which I don't like). that was the res med mirage quattro. it let me sleep without much noise at all but I still don't like the forehead thing. I am looking for a nasal mask without the forehead strap. I can't wear the pillows as they hurt my nose and I have had cancer removed there so my nostrils are uneven. anyway I wish the dreamwear worked for me but I am about to give up on it. Any suggestions? I am looking at the air fit N10. ???
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@goodnite - I started with the AirFit N10 and found that it always leaked air into one eye or the other. I have dents in the side of my nose from my glasses, and the N10 has only a single seal up the sides. About three months ago I switched to the Wisp mask and have found it to be much better for me, no air leaks onto the eyes, and no magnetic straps to catch on anything. The ease of clipping them in the right place was outweighed by the ease with which they clipped themselves to all the wrong places. Also the Wisp has a large headgear which fits my 7 7/8 head size better than the AirFit N10 does.
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