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First post..looking for people who share similar symptoms

Thank you for the information. Unfortunately, I am stuck with this machine for the time being. I am going to be optimistic here and hope it does work, and provides me with good therapy. If it doesn't then I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there.
(07-08-2015, 08:38 PM)TyroneShoes Wrote:
(07-08-2015, 03:09 AM)mzdawn74 Wrote: ...Now that I've been found to have sleep apnea I am hoping that by treating it some of these symptoms will improve...

The good news is....

That the news is all good. It is very likely that xPAP therapy can improve potentially all of your issues. Maybe not all that much for a few of them, but very likely for most.

And the other good news is that there is little chance of a downside. Sleeping with the mask is not something non-users ever look forward to, but you get used to it, and it is nothing after a while. But that is about the worst of it; there is nothing about this therapy that is invasive or harmful in most cases. Intraocular pressure issues? Maybe. Otherwise, you are golden.

Look forward to improvement. And try the mask with the congestion; sometimes it actually improves even that. And in a few months, you will wish you got this therapy sooner.

I love your positivity! I am starting back again tomorrow with my P10 nasal pillows. Thank you for your support.
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(07-08-2015, 08:06 AM)Mosquitobait Wrote: MzDawn, welcome to the board. There is a good chance that cpap may help your issues. However, if it doesn't, the doctor you should be seeing is a neurologist. I had all your symptoms at age 38 (although only 50 pounds overweight). I was written off as a hypochondriac or told to see a shrink. You cannot make this stuff up. See a neurologist and if that one won't help see another. People don't just start having short term memory issues at your age for nothing.

I sent you a pm!
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Hi MzDawn!

You have come to the right place for support and suggestions on how to make the most of your therapy.

I can certainly relate to the symptoms you've been having and I think that once you have a CPAP mask that works for you, you will find a lot of symptoms are diminished. (I'm one week in and am already feeling better!)

Just one small piece of advice: I wouldn't stop trying to use the nasal pillow mask. If a full-face mask works for you, great, but changes in humidity settings on your CPAP might also help decrease congestion when you're using the nasal pillow. Have you tried wearing it while you're awake and reading or watching TV? My first couple nights I did that, to get used to the air pressure and feel of the mask, before going to sleep. Just a thought.
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(07-08-2015, 03:09 AM)mzdawn74 Wrote:
Hello all!

I am new here to this website. I came here looking for advice and I guess some assurance. I was just recently diagnosed with OSA. My AHI is 10.5, REM AHI 34, and O2 destat 82%. I am 40 years old, female, and about 100 lbs overweight. Over the last few years I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression due to the symptoms I have listed below. I have tried numerous medications, all of which did absolutely nothing for my symptoms. I have all along felt that there was something else medically causing me this distress.

My current symptoms are as follows:
-Memory problems-names, places I've gone, what I've done these things I can't recall at times. Things(routines) I used to do on a normal basis I can't automatically recall how to do it. I literally have to think things out. I have a hard time reading (sometimes I look at words and can't read it. Spelling words is very difficult! Texting and typing is a task in itself due to not remembering where the keys are)
-Concentration is diminished- it is hard to follow movies and television show plots. This also happens during conversations. Reading a page in a book takes numerous attempts and even then I still sometimes don't grasp the concept.
-Word recall- My vocabulary has been reduced to nothing! Sometimes it will take me minutes to think of the word I want to use. So I am mainly using simple words now. While having conversations I will make many mistakes using incorrect grammar and words.
-Constant observation and critique of every little mistake I make.
-Wake up often feeling like I can't breath, heart racing, sweating, and confused.
-Very bizarre and unusual dreams which make no sense.
-Waking up feeling like I haven't even slept
-Low energy
-Lack of motivation
-Frequent wakings through out night
-Hard to fall back asleep at times

I am at my wits end! I have had numerous tests for every possible disease there is to cause the symptoms I'm having, and all the doctors can come up with is depression and anxiety. I have through out these past years always felt that it was something much more than than this.

So, when I finally met with a neurologist who specializes in sleep medicine, and he suggested I be tested for sleep apnea, I was kind of hopeful that someone else saw that there was something else going on. Now that I've been found to have sleep apnea I am hoping that by treating it some of these symptoms will improve.

I just received my cpap machine last Monday 6/29, but have been unable to use it due to issues of nasal congestion. I am exchanging the nasal pillows tomorrow for a full face mask, which I hope helps get me to the road to recovery.

I would really appreciate anyone sharing their symptoms, any advice, or suggestions you might have which could be beneficial to me. Thank you in advance!Thanks

Hi Mz. Dawn, I have all the same symptoms that you do. My sleep study is tonight and hopefully, I will have a CPAP by the end of the month.

One thing that improved my sleep was vitamin D supplements. I'm still very tired but at least I can sleep through the night. I am hoping the CPAP will help even more.


Vitamin D can be toxic when too high, so you may want to get a blood test to check your levels.

Hopefully, we will both feel better soon Smile

Contact me anytime!

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I also have had most of your symptoms and unfortunately continue to do so. I am going back to the sleep doc later this week to hopefully have my pressure upped so I can start enjoying some of the benefits of my sleep apnea therapy.
I've never even told my family doctor about all these symptoms like you mentioned as coming from a healthcare related field myself I know exactly what I'd be thought as having...depression, anxiety, mental illness etc etc.
I actually thought maybe I was getting early onset dementia due to a lot of the symptoms, but now realize that with proper regular CPAP therapy they will all hopefully go away. Here's hoping!!
Good luck with your therapy Dawn!
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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