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FlashAir can't be found by Sleep Master
I'm hoping someone can see what I am doing wrong.
Thanks in advance.

Can not transfer cpap data wirelessly with FlashAir and Sleep_Master and FlashPap.

Just got a Toshiba FlashAir 16gb w-03.

Formatted and modified content of config file with the vi editor, 
according to multiple threads, put night of cpap data on it. 

Neither FlashPap or Sleep_Master can see the FlashAir card on the network.

My Apple Airport Time Capsule router sees the FlashAir cards and displays the MAC address
but is not assigning an IP address, so neither FlashPad or Sleep Master
are finding the FlashAir card. So the card works, but some setting for network function 
is not correctly set.

Have a resmed airsense10. Also added a resmed Air10 oximeter works great.

The network is encrypted - WPA2 which is compatible with FlashAir.

I can extract good data compatible with RESSCAN  and Sleepyhead, 
if I remove the card and put into my PC or Apple computer.

Below are the contents of the FlashAir config file.


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Hi BillTeel! - Welcome

I see you're using DHCP.  Is your wireless access point your DHCP server? If so, look at its admin area to see if it has assigned an address to the FlashAir.  How far away are you from the access point?  You have Noise Canceling turn on. This can reduce connection distance.  I have found it easier to set a static address and use the IP rather than waiting for its name to get updated in the DNS/WINS server.

I hope this may help.
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Hi Crimson
Thanks for quick reply.
Yes DHCP is my apple router / time capsule.
Thats the problem, not assigning an IP address.
The FlashAir signal strength is excellent. About 10 feet but on a different floor.
I could try to use a static IP in the config file, but dhcp should work, has been on multiple hours,
and retry is set to 0, so will keep trying.. Even brought the air sense 10 downstairs but no joy.
Tae care,
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Another thought; Are you using 5Ghz? The FlashAir is 2.4Ghz. Another member had this problem recently.
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The router is dual band, so using 2.4Ghz, so don't think that is the problem.
Good thought though, Thanks.
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Some progress.
Turned off DHCP in the FlashAir CONFIG file
and used a static IP.
That worked, was able to transmit data,
but DHCP should work as well.
Still looking for enlightenment.
Now know the card is good, network good,
the apps are working,
but DHCP not assigning an IP even though 
the router sees the FlashAir card.
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Congratulations on getting connected. Well-done

I did find that editing the CONFIG file after the initial setup, It would convert the asterisks to their ASCII value and ceased to be a cover up for the password.   I had to enter it back in normally.  Also, when I used my Linux machine, I had to remember to save this file with the LF added to the CR, otherwise the standard Linux text file will save it with a CR only and all the lines will be combined into one continuous line.  FlashAir won't parse the parameters in this condition and would fail to connect.
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I set a static IP in the router for the card so that I could mount the FlashAir as a network drive and skip the software route to transfer the information to my laptop (I just copy using Windows Explorer). Today, I lost connection with the Flashair, saw that the router had assigned it an additional IP address or two for some reason (router glitch). I eliminated the additional DHCP assigned IP's, reset the assigned static IP, and rebooted the router, getting a successful connection.

I expect you did a router reboot during your troubleshooting. I've never seen that line COMMAND=fat etc., not sure what it is for, appears to be copying a file from one directory to another for some reason. I'd clean the file of the null's, not that they matter, just hurts my OCD, maybe have a look at the thread that is maybe 10 or so below this one in the forum for some other CONFIG files and see if there's differences that matter.
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Hi BillTeel,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
It’s great that you got a connection, but I hope you can get DHCP working though.
Good luck to you as you continue CPAP therapy.
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Hey Ed,
I followed your OCD advice and cleaned up the commands a bit.
It works well with static IP, spent more hours on DHCP, could never get it to work.
I will go with static IP.
Thank you for the advice.
Toshiba has released a FlashAir w-04, but not available yet, 
wonder if results would be the same on my network?
With Safari can see the contents of the flasher card,
will try to copy, and not use the java flashpap to copy.
Take care,

Hey Trish,
I've given up on DHCP, just reserved the static IP works well.
Not as elegant, but adaquate.
Take care,
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