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Hello, I'm a new CPAP user(little over a month).Just curious how long it took people to get used to their CPAP. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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It varies with the person. When I first started CPAP I had nasal pillows and it me a couple of nights to get used to them. Wore then for about a year, before I had a second study and shifted to a full face mask (FFM). Had no problems adapting to that either. I figure part of it was when I flew for the AF, I often wore an oxygen mask and was used to it and the associated hose. I was know to fall asleep with my mask on (I was a navigator on transport type aircraft).

A good way to get used to the mask is to wear it around the house for a while each day. Don't need to drag the hose with you as the mask will allow you to breath without being hooked up to the machine. You may also try taking short naps wearing the mask.

We have all been through this and welcome to the club. The important thing is you have taken the first steps to learning how to make these life long changes.

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Hi MDHilz,
You are going to get all sorts of answers to that question, because we are all so different and we adapt differently to cpap therapy.

For me, I adapted easily enough. I did have to talk myself into using it though. But within a few weeks, I noticed I didn't have to get up every other hour to use the bathroom.
I started to notice that I didn't feel too bad in the morning, and didn't feel like I would need an afternoon nap.
Also, noticed my blood pressure dropped within normal ranges after 1 week.

But it still took a good 6 months or more to say I feel good, and I am happy with my AHI numbers which most of the time are under 1.

When you take an active interest in your therapy and use the software available and learn all you can about your condition, you will adapt much faster. Smile
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It never really bothered me. I was in such a state by the time I got on the machine that it bothering me was the least of my concerns. Now, five months later, I notice it about as much as I notice my pillow and blankets. I turn over, pull up the blanket, squish the pillow a bit, flick the hose up, and go back to sleep. It is the new normal.

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It all takes time my friend. it's certainly something to get used to and it doesn't happen overnight. When I first started using mine there were several nights I was ready to toss it out the window.
I went looking for advice and found it here on our forum. That advice was certainly appreciated and that was to keep using it and don't give up. I now can't go to sleep without it.

Keep trying and don't give up my friend.
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Hi MDHilz and welcome to the forum. You will come to appreciate it very much. Starting out with a full face mask is probably the most challenging initiation into CPAP use. I started with a nasal mask plus a chin strap and later moved to a full face mask.

If you are using a ramp you might want to try a couple of nights with zero ramp time, forum members suggested that to me and I never went back to ramp time. That's different for everyone but worth a try. Also, when starting CPAP I was advised to stick with it all night every night. I adapted fairly soon but have known others who would give in after a few hours and stop using CPAP. Some of those folks never adapted and just stopped using CPAP, not a good way to go. So, just tough it out and it will eventually become more natural. Best of luck to you.


PS: Leaks may drive you crazy for a while but you should soon find ways, sleeping positions etc to minimize that.
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I'm at almost 10.months and still having problems adjusting and still.feeling worse.when I wear if. For.the first 4 months I wore for.at least. 5 hours every night. I did sleeping.pills.cod.the first months and generally slept.thru the night. But I know when I use sleeping pills.the quality of my sleep.suffers. I stopped.using them.after a months and found I was waking frequently due to.leaks that were either blowing in mu eye or whistling. I still.wore more than 90 percent of the time. I tried several.different masks and still.had leak.issues. By this time.my sleep quality was getting terrible.and I found myself.napping.every day. (Before cpap I would.nap.at the most popular once.a.month. ) by 6 months I was still using it more.than 90 percent of the time but not was only wearing it about 4 hours a night. Since then mu usage has continued to.drop..I.know I should use it because I stop breathing qt night ( no issues with snoring, waking with headaches or falling asleep during the day) but the lack of sleep when I do wear it is affecting the quality of my life and the whistling if the air leaks is affecting my partners ability to.sleep. We have taken to sleeping apart because of the whistling.
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Even when you are used to it and doing successfully, things can change giving you some troubles. You just have to work those out. I started off with apap with no problems. Then once winter started, nothing BUT problems. There's nothing wrong with switching masks every few days if it helps you. I also discovered that, for me, the brand name Resmed filters work better than the knock offs normally shipped to me by the DME. Why? I have no idea, I just know I stopped ripping my mask off in the middle of the night without remembering doing so. The DME at the Lincare office said yep, this happens, and I can get the brand name product directly from their office since the warehouse does not carry it.

I also got medication that works for my restless leg syndrome and doing so much better after just a week on that. This minimal dosage does the trick without making me groggy all evening or the next day. yay!
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Hi MDHilz,
I am 10 weeks into my CPAP journey and I had been struggling a little at first but slowly the nights got easier so this last week my AHI has been 2 or under and I am getting around 7.5 hours a night, Feeling like a new person not the washed out "hungover" feeling I used to constantly have.
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