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Philips Amara View
I've been on a CPAP for about a month now. I started out on a full face mask that leaked like the Titanic and rubbed my nose raw. Then I tried Dream Wear (my CPAP dealer has a 30 day warranty on all masks - you can trade as many times you want to within the first 30 days.) Dream Wear was nice when it was lined up perfectly, but it was tricky to get it lined up with my nostrils (the Dream Wear does not have pillows.) The Dream Ware also seemed like it would be to easy to rip off or at least rip loose, rendering the treatment worthless. I decided to try Amara View. I like it better than either of the other two by a large margin, It doesn't irritate my nose, it covers my mouth and not just my nostrils, it only covers the bottom part of the nose, it's very tight and doesn't leak very much, and it fits snugly making it difficult to rip off while sleeping. It's reasonably comfortable and I can easily sleep with it on. There is a quick release for the hose so it's easy to unhook the hose while going into the other room for a few minutes. There is little to nothing to block my vision. I can read or watch TV or do whatever with this mask on, In fact, I'm wearing it right now. I may try one someday that I like more, but I'm going to stick with this one for now.
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Hi bugo,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I'm glad you found a mask that works for you.
You might update your profile and put what machine and mask you have and also your pressure, so people can better assist you.
Good luck to you with your CPAP therapy, hang in there for more responses to your post.
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I am interested in the Amara View. I currently have the Wisp, but leaks (even with a chinstrap) still vex me. One nice thing about the Wisp is that, once you get the Velcro straps adjusted properly you can take it off and put it on all in one motion. Can you tell me if the Amara View can be put on and taken off without undoing the (presumably) Velcro straps?
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the two lower straps have Velcro to set and snap on clips to remove and replace without touching the Velcro.
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The Amara view was the only mask I had used up until a few days ago. I adapted to it very quickly right off.

Pool Q is right about the bottom hooks, you do not have to undo the bottom Velcro. However, I have found that I always have to fidget with the top Velcro strap on my head because the fit under the nose is a bit of a trick, too loose and it leaks too tight and it irritates the nose.Big Grin

I wore out the Velcro on the top head strap in about 6 months.
I decided to try another mask because I have developed new wrinkles on my cheeks near my near my nose. Huhsign

I have been trying the Air fit 10 this last week and there are three significant differences I see between the two masks.

1) The Air fit 10 shows a higher baseline leak rate. Thinking-about
2) The marks on my cheeks are not there with the Air fit 10 Coffee
3) I have to take the mask off to scratch my nose. Oh-jeez

2004-Bon Jovi
it'll take more than a doctor to prescribe a remedy

Observations and recommendations communicated here are the perceptions of the writer and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.
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I've had the Amara View in my house for about a year without using it. I tried it once and found it slightly claustrophobic compared to the Swift fx, my standard mask. Then I started to wonder if I was a slight mouth breather, and that's why I rarely had an ahi of around 1--although my 30 day average is 1.6 or so. So I tried the mask last night. I have started sleeping on my back (on a wedge pillow) and found the Amara was easy to use and certainly not in my way. Very comfortable and light. No problem with leaks. Even when I went to my side for a few minutes it wasn't a problem. So this morning I checked my numbers and found my ahi was...2.7. I felt rested, so this wasn't an issue (also I have a slight flu). I don't blame the mask; I'm sure it was just one of those nights. But it's back to the Swift, I guess, although for a real test I should probably use the Amara for a few more nights.

Still, I like this mask and am happy to have it on hand in case of terrible nasal congestion. that's why I kept it in the first place.
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Today I called my DME and discovered that they stock the Amara View in all sizes. I haven't bought a new mask for a while, so US Medicare will pay for it, minus my ~$20 copay, plus by buying from my local DME I get the benefit of help with sizing. So I bought it. Tonight will be the first night. I am hoping that it will put an end to my long struggle with leaks. Stay tuned. Smile

Edit: Well, that went badly. My 95% and full leak rates for last night were 114.00 and 116.5! And my normal AHI of 0-2.0 shot up to 7.67. It's only one night, but clearly something is wrong with the fit.
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It took me ten days or so to get mine adjusted right, but when adjusted it has a very low leak rate. After making an adjustment I try it for two or three nights before I make another adjustment - that is why it took so long.
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I think that this is a sweet little mask, certainly compared to a full face mask. You can scratch your nose! If you can make it work, you may well like it. Can you play around with the straps before committing to the night in bed?

This mask really balloons up when it fills with air--some people warn against over tightening.
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(09-07-2016, 03:18 PM)hegel Wrote: I think that this is a sweet little mask, certainly compared to a full face mask. You can scratch your nose! If you can make it work, you may well like it. Can you play around with the straps before committing to the night in bed?

I thought I'd never find a mask more comfortable than my Wisp (+chinstrap), but the Amara View is even more comfortable. That's probably mostly because I don't need the chinstrap, but nevertheless I am motivated to get this thing working. Clay L (above) said that it took him a long time to get the fit right, and I expect it will take me a long time as well.

I should add that I posted my results this morning before the coffee was fully working. Looking at Sleepyhead again I noticed that the leaks were actually quite reasonable - not much over 24 - until 4am. Then things suddenly went nuts, and stayed that way until I got up at 7am.

(09-07-2016, 03:18 PM)hegel Wrote: This mask really balloons up when it fills with air--some people warn against over tightening.

Yeah, that stunned me at first. It was also really noisy from all the whooshing. But after a couple minutes it settled down and wasn't any louder than any other mask.

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