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Philips Dreamwear revisited
Philips Dreamwear revisited
Some months ago i got tired of fighting the hose and was having tons of leakage but AHI was usually less than one. I decided to try the Dreamwear and had a night or two of great results then absolute hell, so i gave up on it. I loved the idea of getting the hose outta my face. I sleep on back, then on side then back on my back. The hose moves my current nasal pillows system and thus leaks.

Lately the hose has bothered me more and more so i skipped insurance and bought the Dreamwear. I decided to put more effort into making it work. The hose system allows someone like me to roll a lot. Last night, first night, my AHI was ZERO and leakage was the least i've ever had.

BUT, about midnight it woke me up hissing like a cobra. i gently pressed over the bridge of my nose and it stopped. I thought OH NO, here we go again. The pressure seemed high. I lay there, fingers pressing gently, then i noticed the pressure going down. Took my fingers off, leak was gone, went back to sleep for the rest of the night without incident.

So when i look at my data, i see the big spike for the leak and the pressure both go way up. So i have concluded, that higher pressure causes this system to leak. I know, it' debatable which came first. There were no AHIs. So i look at zero AHI and minimal leaks and i think i need to make this thing work. I think this system might be good for someone with lower pressures.

I have the Autoset, so i might try lowering my max pressure to a bit below that spike and see what happens.
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RE: Philips Dreamwear revisited
I tried the DreamWear for a few nights and finally gave up. Just couldn't get the leaks under control.
I think my problem is I'm between sizes on the frame and the cushion.

I may try it again at some point, but I always go back to using the P10.

Glad it is working for you. Smile
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RE: Philips Dreamwear revisited
Opal, i agree the fit is probably critical. The first one i got from my DME, i only got one nasal piece and the headgear was a medium. This newest one came with all the different nasal sizes, but the small was already attached, so i decided to try it.

I think the proper fit for the headgear is for the main strap (one with air coming through it) should hit about midway between your eye and ear. I noticed last night that the little velcro tabs helped a lot for adjusting that part. I am also wondering if the smaller nose piece might be less apt to leak. If the piece is too big or two wide, the opening is close to the edge of the nostril and easy to leak.

Since i only had one significant leak for the whole night and a zero AHI, i am encouraged to give this thing a very serious try. One nice thing, this morning my nostrils are not sore.

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RE: Philips Dreamwear revisited

I am brand new to this forum and have only been using CPAP for a month now. But I thought I would share with you my experience with Dreamwear. This is the only "mask" I have used. I tried it on at the DME and it fit well with no leaks so I tried it. I was given all the different sizes to try. I really like the hose that attaches at the top of my head. I have had almost no problems with the hose bothering me at night.

As for leaks...If I don't lay down on my side correctly (like if I kinda slide into position on the pillow) the nose piece will move a bit and create a leak. Usually the remedy I have found is to just pick up my head and lay it down again straight. I have also tightened up the straps in the back to make the connection a little tighter. I also figured out that sometimes the hissing I hear is from the slit in front of the nosepiece or the slit in the elbow at the top of the mask. Sometimes when I reposition myself and the top of the mask is near something (like the pillow or wall or something) the air that is intentionally venting, will make noise as it deflects.

Overall, I have had some leakage here and there, but my AHI has been below 1 every night since I started using it.

Good luck! Hope this helps a bit.
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RE: Philips Dreamwear revisited
I also use the Dreamwear and find it excellent. Every now and then I have a major leak that fixes itself as I am asleep when it happens and I don't wake up. Dreamwear recommend the smallest possible nose piece. I think, but can't prove, that if you have the nose piece too tight then the leak rate goes up.
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RE: Philips Dreamwear revisited
Dreamwear seems to be best for back sleeping and for low to moderate pressure. I toss and turn during the night and when i go to either side it initially leaks. I can usually re-position my head a bit and stop the leak. I am still encouraged with this mask. It's nice to not have the hose in the way and causing leaks. With nose pillows almost any movement of the hose causes major leaks for me.

I wonder if Philips will ever offer the option of this mask/frame with nasal pillows.
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RE: Philips Dreamwear revisited
The Dreamwear was my first mask, and it worked great for the first week and a half. The most comfy of the three I've now used. Then the frame had stretched to a point that leaks were out of hand. Every time I moved(which is often) I would develop a leak and wake up, and often my wife as well. Tried the next size up pillow, and shrinking the frame in hot water but no good.

I've since opted for the wisp clear nasal(best for no leaks and active sleeper) and the nuance gel pillow. I really like the pillow system for comfort and the air delivery, but I do fight it a bit more for leaks. I think the nuance pro would be better then the fabric frame I have now for staying in place. Think I will try it when I'm do a new mask via insurance. I would love the try the p10 but the pillows just won't fit my nose.

My wife is currently trying the dreamwear, but is fighting leaks as well. She has tried tightening the adjustments on the straps but tighter seems worse for leaks and comfort. If she stays still on her back all is good, but the movement to her side produces leaks in varying degrees. She is not giving up on this mask yet, she really likes the fit and comfort.
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RE: Philips Dreamwear revisited
It seems like with the dreamwear I ramp up the tightness and the leaks drop, then my nose hurts....I back it off and start over.

But unlike the wisp that ate my nose (the swollen nose in my avatar is from the wisp getting my nose infected) it just hurts for a bit when I wake up. A few times I woke up a bit early and took the mask off and slept another few hours.

Overall I can usually find a happy spot with it if I take my time putting it on.
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RE: Philips Dreamwear revisited
After a few more nights with the Dreamwear, i seem to be doing better. AHI is still less than one, sometimes zero, but the major change was adjusting my upper pressure limit from 15 down to 10. My AHI has stayed very low, maybe a bit better. BUT i used to have major leaking in the middle of the night. I would wake from the air noise, try to get resealed but not much luck. I noticed the times and they always coincide with spikes in pressure. I am starting to think this mask is really great at lower pressures, but blows out at higher pressures.

One might think the cpap machine needed to extra pressure to correct a breathing event that was occurring, but my AHI has actually gotten better. The main change for me is that now i am not awakened by my mask blowing out....not at all. I have slept the last three nights with no blow outs. When this mask blows out, I think you almost have to turn cpap off, and start over. You can't just reseat the mask while the pressure is high.

As I said earlier, i gave up on this mask some months ago, but getting the hose off the front of my face was still luring me back. I wanted this thing to work. Seems that all masks are prone to leak and we have the dilemma of getting them tight enough to stay sealed, but not so tight that they hurt.
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RE: Philips Dreamwear revisited
I had the same experience as the OP, but I haven't retried the mask since I lowered my pressure. Maybe I will give that a shot tonight (although, I got so little sleep last night, that may be a mistake). I'm willing to experiment since I'm stuck with the mask (my DME won't take returns despite the fact that they told me they do!).
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