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[Treatment] Breathe Right Strips
Good afternoon Everyone!

I have always had respiratory problems through out my life and part of it has been what seems like a chronic stuffy nose. I do not have allergies but got stuck on using Afrin to alleviate those symptoms, unfortunately this product is addictive and after some time of daily use, it has a tendency to cause reverse effects.

Last night before I went to bed, I decided to forgo my usual ritual of using the product and opted for a breathe right strip instead (I use the generic version, it's cheaper). If you notice under my other comments, on my profile, anxiety is a big problem for me. Having the feeling that I can't draw enough air in coupled to the fact that I have a mask strapped to my face, exacerbates my feeling of anxiety, which in turn makes falling asleep harder.

I just wanted to share this for anyone else that may experience a similar problem. The strip really helped me fall asleep faster. So much so, I forgot to click the "ramp up" button on my CPAP. It usually takes me a solid hour of tossing and turning to adjust in bed and get comfortable enough to "let go" so to speak and fall asleep.
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yep I use them every night
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I used them overnight until I got my deviated septum repaired and my turbinates reduced. So far, I have been surviving without them and the nose is a little too tender to want to try them again.

It might be worth consulting an ENT doc if you have not done so. There is also a product called Flonase that I believe is better long term than Afrin. Nasal saline rinse also helped me.
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I have been to an ENT in the past, I am aware I have a deviated septum, but for me, the less evasive approach is my preference.

I did not think to look into Flonase, thanks for the tip Smile

I am glad it worked out for you though Bigwink
"I'm not asleep... but that doesn't mean I'm awake."
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Not exactly related, but sort of, I have found that if I wear my F10 FFM a little too low on my nose, it presses the sides of my nose slightly and makes it harder to breath. I move the mask up a little (like a 1/4 inch - not much) and that solves it and I have no problem breathing. I assume this is similar to what the strips are doing. ?
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I used breath right strips before Cpap and for about a month after starting therapy. They are very effective in keeping nasal passages open.

I found that after starting Cpap, it was one more thing I didn't want on my face, so started using nasal rinses every day, and saline nasal spray. That works just as well for me.

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I have started using them again even though I had a septoplasty/turbinate reduction/nasal valve repair a year ago. They make the difference between my being able to use my elan mask vs. having to switch to the Simplus.

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I wanted to update this (even though I just posted it, lol)

I went to my local pharmacy to get more strips and came across a product called Sleep Right. I was reluctant to buy it because the strips have always worked fine for me. This product uses a slightly different approach where instead of sticking the strip over the nose to open up the airway, it slides just on the inside of the nostrils and gently pushes them out, for better air flow.

I think this may be great for people that are sensitive to the adhesive on the strips. What is even cooler to me, is you get a 45 day supply for around 10 bucks (3 bands) I am wearing it right now and once you place it in your nostrils, you get used to it relatively quickly, I have been wearing them for about an hour and it's very comfortable.
"I'm not asleep... but that doesn't mean I'm awake."
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Let us know how that goes. It seems to me like it could be more comfortable. My nose skin started to get sensitive after a while. That is some strong adhesive!
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(05-28-2016, 12:40 AM)chill Wrote: Let us know how that goes. It seems to me like it could be more comfortable. My nose skin started to get sensitive after a while. That is some strong adhesive!

Well it is certainly different to wear it while awake versus when trying to go to sleep, but difficulty falling asleep is nothing new for me, specially with my mask on, half the time I am finding that perfect position where the hose is in the right place.

That aside, when I finally drifted off, I slept very well. The thing I noticed and think it's important to mention is that it is a good idea to clean/wash your nose before you put the band in. First of all it is more hygienic, but it is also easier to place it.
"I'm not asleep... but that doesn't mean I'm awake."
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