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[Treatment] New to the board, having trouble sleeping
LittleLuLu, the links in my signature show how to organize and post SleepyHead screenshots so we can help you to interpret them. I recommend you give it a shot. Your event rate in excess of 10 AHI does not sound like it is likely to be obstructive events at your current pressure. If the majority of those events are CA, then we can help you to quickly resolve that problem. There is no reason to continue suffering with that very high rate of apnea. I certainly support that you wish to make any changes with guidance from your doctor, however we can help you to guide that discussion and have a better understanding of what is wrong...and there is something very very wrong with your settings.
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(01-23-2017, 10:17 AM)LittleLuLu Wrote: So as not to lose focus, are the three HI values mentioned above what you had in mind when you suggested I could get more data?  

That is what I hoped you would see. It is less detailed than SleepyHead will give you, but it does indicate central apneas (where the brain doesn't kick you to breathe) vs obstructive apneas, and hypopneas (shallow, insufficient breaths).
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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Hello Sleeprider.
Hello Beej.

Yesterday I received a call back from my service provider. I asked the person three times for permission to remove the chip so I could download the data. I was looking for a "Yes" or a "No." The most defined answer I received was "I don't know?" So, I said, "Fine, 'I'll take the machine in & my sleep doctor can download the data."

Please keep in mind that I had not slept well, if at all, over the last 10 days & that may have hindered my decision process. For example: I could not even remember where the garbage can used to go as I took it in from the street.

Then, as I was talking to the service provider a personal message comes in from my sleep doctor. It was an answer to a desperate plea from me, asking if I could increase the pressure on the machine. She told me to crank it. I did: 23 over 19

Last night my events per hour went from 10.2 down to .04.
Things are starting to go in the right direction. I think I am going to live through this.
One other factor: Yesterday a large body of Christians held me up in prayer.
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That is a pretty fantastic improvement if you can tolerate the pressure...it's pretty high, and pretty much eliminates the suspicion your AHI might be central. I hope your good results continue.

By all means learn to download your data on your own so you can manage your care. It sounds like you have approval for that from your doctor. There is not much you can do to damage the data or the card. Install SleepyHead, insert card, upload data, reinsert card in VPAP.
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I was thinking the same thing: I bet my doctor would not mind if I removed the card to download the data. I'll do it within the next few days.
One thing to point out: The machine again limited the pressures: 19.5 over 15.8
This is only slightly up from what it was before even though a drastic change was made.
Do you know what mode I could eventually try which will not override the pressures I select?
Also: I do not own this machine yet. And, I have had to pay full cost for machines in the past so to get one free from my insurance / provider, is not something I want to risk. I will feel better about making adjustments after the 90 day compliance period.
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Ok, to start with, I just downloaded data to sleepyhead,
Obstructive Index: was 5.59 now 0.49
Hypopnea Index: was 1.43 now 0.10
Clear Airway Index: was 3.48 now 0.19

The "was" is with the old pressure @ 21/17
The "now" is with the new pressure @ 23/19

However, as mentioned, the machine is limiting the pressure.
Now I am convinced that my doctor would not mind if I had the machine give me up to the full pressure which she said I could crank it to, which is 23/19. So, any help here on what needs to be changed in the menu for me to over-ride the auto setting would be sweet. I could always change it back.
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Your machine has three possible modes. CPAP mode is a single fixed pressure. In S mode, the machine provides a fixed bilevel pressure for EPAP and IPAP and that pressure will not change. In Vauto mode the machine allows you to set a EPAP minimum and IPAP maximum and pressure support. This mode is variable auto pressure, and is likely what you are currently using.

If you want fixed bilevel pressure, select S Mode and set the EPAP and IPAP.
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Yes! That's the ticket. Thanks. With this information & the freedom from my doctor to experiment a bit it is looking like soon I will find myself enjoying some deep sleep. Perhaps tonight?
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Hello fellow board members.

I just wanted to share in this follow up post what I found out with the help of the board members who responded to my questions / etc., in this thread.

I was led to open up a drop down menu on my machine's "sleep report" which provided me with more information. I was led to download "sleepyhead" which provided me with even more data. I did post that data on-line & through a PM with a board member, you know who you are, I was able to fix the problem I was having: A mask leak. My heartfelt thanks to that board member for taking the time to analyze the data.

What did I learn that may benefit others here: A clean shave makes it a lot easier to eliminate mask leaks.

I don't know if I will post anymore; at my age, I am just looking forward to taking long strolls in the yard with the other inmates.

I have already sent "sleepyhead" data to my sleep doctor; and, I have an appointment scheduled. My thanks to the administrators & fellow board members for providing & maintaining this site. It was a godsend for me; &, has probably saved the lives of others in need.
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