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Maybe UARS? Overnight Ox Results
Maybe UARS? Overnight Ox Results

I recently did an at home sleep study with a doctor that showed a low AHI. I am scheduled for an in lab sleep study, but it's two months away. However, I'm so tired of being tired and trying to speed to process along, thinking of buying a machine myself. 

I am a 33F. For about 7 years I have had issues with sleep. I will fall asleep and sometimes pretty quickly wake up in a panic gasping for air. I've been told by my partner that I make a loud snore type noise when this happens. I also just wake up multiple times a night. I've been to the hospital due to waking up and not being able to get my heart rate to come down which has lead me into abnormal heart rhythms before. 

I recently purchased an overnight ox as well, mostly because the one sleep study they did I barely slept. The wires kept me up and I don't think I hit a deep sleep. 

The past two nights I have averaged about 6 ODI 3% events an hour and 1.5 ODI 4% events an hour according to the monitor. Last night I spent 47% of my sleep in <94% Sp02 with a low of 89%. 

Is this significant enough to really keep looking into things quicker? I'm pretty desperate to feel better. In the time these issues started I have been diagnosed with dysautonomia (POTS) via a tilt table, but everything else tests normal. I also have low blood pressure constantly. I have read that this can be related to UARS. I also have (doctor said) +2 size tonsils, an oversized tongue, and a small pallet. I have had a recent endoscopy and everything looked good there, so I don't think it's something like LPR.

Any input is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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RE: Maybe UARS? Overnight Ox Results
What kind of endoscopy? Through the nose? If so, was the doctor looking for trouble in the nose, or skipping past it to look at the throat? UARS is often associated with poor nasal flow capacity, though I suppose it's possible for it to occur in your oral pharynx if you have large tonsils. Definitely worth continuing down this path with a PSG, because a home test is not monitored, and almost never comes with EEG for sleep stage. Your problems are more likely due to fragmented sleep architecture than low O2, which is why following up with the full in-lab is a good idea.
Look, I'm an engineer, not a doctor! Please don't take my opinion as a substitute for medical advice.
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RE: Maybe UARS? Overnight Ox Results
I've actually had both types done. The ENT did tell me that my nasal passages were extremely tight when looking at a lump in the back of my throat (she said most likely post nasal drip). Almost to where the scope would not fit.
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