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Advisory Members group

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Advisory Members on Apnea Board are Apnea Board Forum members who:

1. Have been an active forum participant for a substantial period of time with a significant history of quality posts
2. Have a demonstrated history of helpfulness, conspicuous service and civility on Apnea Board
3. Have been personally invited to join the group by Apnea Board Administrators and Moderators

Candidates for Advisory Member are considered for admission into this group on an individual basis. The promotion is not automatic nor immediate and is based upon whether or not staff believe the candidate to be a "good fit" within the group. In order to retain Advisory Member status, Advisory Members must make a minimum of one pertinent post in the Main Forum each month. Advisory Members who remain inactive without posting for a one-month period may have their Advisory Member status temporarily suspended. Suspended Advisory Members can be re-instated by becoming an active poster again and then writing a Private Message (PM) to SuperSleeper requesting reinstatement.

Members who are entered into this "elite" private group will have the following badge under their forum username:


Advisory Members have added privileges and permissions on the forum and contribute greatly to Apnea Board's status as "THE" place on the web for Sleep Apnea patients.

They will also have full access to our hidden Advisory Members Forum and the Wiki Editors Forum, where we discuss forum and wiki operations, new ideas and concepts, thoughts on improving Apnea Board, advice on how to use the additional privileges, and just about anything else we think we'd like to do there. Advisory Members serve as an "Advisory Committee" to help shape Apnea Board's rules & policies.

Membership in the Advisory Members group does not imply medical expertise or qualification for advising Sleep Apnea patients concerning their treatment.

Note: Prior to May 2014, "Advisory Members" were known as "Master Members".

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