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Pencil-with-eraser.jpg An Apnea Board Wiki Editor is a volunteer who edits, updates and creates pages on the Apnea Board Wiki.

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Apnea Board Forum members are eligible to become an Apnea Board Wiki Editor upon meeting the following requirements:

1. Must be an active Apnea Board Forum member for a period of not less than two months.
2. Must have a demonstrated history of helpfulness and civility on the Apnea Board Forum.
3. Must have a minimum of 30 quality posts on the Main Apnea Board Forum proving a basic ability to write coherently in the English language.

Please Note: All Wiki Editors must be in general agreement with the Apnea Board philosophy of patient-empowerment. Editors who violate Apnea Board Rules or become disruptive of Apnea Board's goals will risk having their Editor status and forum membership revoked. By participating on this website, Wiki Editors are agreeing to the terms outlined in our Copyright and User Agreement.
Wiki Editor Retention: Wiki Editors who are not active for a period of one year may have their Editor status suspended. Suspended Editors can request a reinstatement by contacting the Wiki Administrator.

How to become a Wiki Editor

1. Send a PM (Private Message) on the Apnea Board Forum to SuperSleeper.
2. Tell SuperSleeper in that PM you'd like to become a Wiki Editor.
3. Your Wiki username is the same as your forum username.
4. Wait until you receive a confirmation PM from SuperSleeper (usually within a day or so). The confirmation PM will include your username and temporary password for your Wiki Editor Account. You can change your Wiki password after your first log in by going to our Password change page. Please keep in mind that on this Wiki, usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. Test your new Wiki username and password by logging on to the Wiki (upper right corner of this page).

Resources for Apnea Board Wiki Editors

  • The Wiki Editors Forum on Apnea Board (note: access to the private Wiki Editor Forum is granted upon completion of the steps listed above - members of the forum will need to sign into their Apnea Board Forum account)

Editor Password Changes & Resets

  • Forgotten Passwords: If you forgot your password, please contact the Administrator. Currently there is no automated method for resetting Editor passwords. We have disabled all Wiki email functions (including password changes via email).