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should I try a full face mask?
Hi all,

I've been using a CPAP for about 2 months with P10 nasal pillows, and everything is going fairly well - I adjusted to the pillows a lot easier than I expected. I have two complaints, however:

1) I'm getting some irritation on my nose from the pillows despite my best efforts to prevent it (lotion, cleaning the pillows daily, washing my face before bed, etc). Giving my nose a break for a couple days would be nice.
2) I need a humidifier. I tried without and it was unpleasant (lots of congestion). This makes battery power a lot more complicated, which is a bit of a problem since I don't have the most reliable power, and I'd like to be able to go camping occasionally. I figure with a full face mask, even without a humidifier I could still breath through my mouth (which I end up doing anyway unless I wear a chinstrap).

Does that sound reasonable? I don't know if I'd switch to a FFM all the time - does anyone else use one part time?
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Yes, you should try a FFM. Once you do, you'll never go back to the P10!
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This is why I love this board. I had a HORRIBLE experience with a FFM. I actually look forward to putting on my Nuance pillows at night.
"Hodor," said Hodor.
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The P10 versus the FFM is the subject of the 100 years war on the forum.
This is the Battle of Agincourt; and today is St Crispin's Day.
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(04-13-2015, 01:22 PM)justMongo Wrote: The P10 versus the FFM is the subject of the 100 years war on the forum.
This is the Battle of Agincourt; and today is St Crispin's Day.

Let me try a more specific question then Smile.

Is it easier to use a FFM than a P10 without a humidifier?

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(04-13-2015, 02:02 PM)chrysogognus Wrote: Let me try a more specific question then Smile.

Is it easier to use a FFM than a P10 without a humidifier?

I suggest you pick your mask based on comfort and efficacy of therapy in your "normal" environment. Which I assume permits you to use your humidifier.

Then, if you live in an area of unreliable power, cobble together a battery backup system that can get you through most power outages with your humidifier in operation. Depending on how long your power is usually out, that may mean a big AGM battery (or multiple), the converter for your machine and a charger/tender. There are always good threads on battery operation.

For camping, scale back to light, small and compact. So, you leave the humidifier home, take enough battery power to last for the trip (or, time away from recharge ability.) Being without the humidifier is likely to be a bit uncomfortable with any mask type; but, it can be endured for a few days.
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I had more comfort using my nasal pillows without lotion (after the first few days with).
Also after I scaled down from the large to the medium.
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I have both P10 and F10. I think you would need a humidifier for both. And if you plan to mouth breathe with f10, you would need the humidity. Otherwise you would wake up with painful dry mouth.

My advice is that if the P10 is working for you, stick with it. Why complicate your life more.

Use the P10. And remember, resistance is futile. Smile
Started APAP 4-20, Closed range to 7.5-14, then straight 8.0 w/ Aflex 3
RDI always below 1. But sleep much much better at straight pressure.
Started on F10, Tried Quattro Air successfully. Finally settled on P10.
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In case you haven't seen them, here's the ResMed Battery Guide and here are the instructions for the ResMed DC Converter for the A10 (and S9).

At 12 cm, your A10 will draw about 1 amp without humidification and heated hose and about 4 amps with them set on Auto. There are some other combinations listed. ResMed calculates the recommended battery AH rating by amps x 8 hours x 150%. IOW, they use about 2/3 of the battery charge.
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While I really like the Nuance Pro nasal pillow mask (won by a hair for me over the P10), I decided I wanted to have a FFM on hand for the inevitable cold or bad allergy day. Since I like the softness of the gel pillow -- I went with a ComfortGel Blue FFM and am experimenting with it.

I definitely prefer the nasal pillow style of mask. However, I now know if I HAD to use a FFM I could.
Lovin' my CPAP since day 1! (January 2015)
If we aren't cleanin' it we're breathin' it!

"Take it as it comes, specialize in having fun"
-- Jim Morrison
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