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Commercial links policy

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The Apnea Board Wiki is an educational website devoted exclusively to Sleep Apnea patients and CPAP usage. We make a promise to our users and editors that Wiki operations will never be influenced by commercial interests.

Direct commercial links are not allowed on Wiki articles. Links to files or web sites that offer illegal or pirated copies of software are forbidden. Links to non-commercial Sleep Apnea-related websites are allowed on the Wiki, as long as they do not sell anything on the website. The only exception to our commercial linking rule is when an editor posts a direct link to a CPAP-related manufacturer website for reference purposes: this is allowed as long as the site does not sell products directly to the public.

Links to Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers (DME) or Home Medical Equipment Suppliers (HME) websites or web sites owned or operated by a DME or HME company are not allowed on the Wiki.

Any external link placed on the Apnea Board Wiki must be non-commercial and primarily be informational or educational in nature. Please see Links to be avoided for further information.

Links to any type of commercial site are not allowed in editor signatures.

This policy does not apply to articles that are part of our "Personal-Pages" category. See Personal-Pages for details.

For questions on what may, or may not be considered a "commercial link", please contact the Wiki Administrator or post your question in the Wiki Editors Forum (log in required).

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