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OSCAR Installation

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This installation guide is part of the suite of OSCAR help articles. See OSCAR Help.

OSCAR installation process

Installing OSCAR requires only a few steps:

  1. Download the OSCAR installer for your computer from the official download page.
  2. Install OSCAR. This process differs for each type of computer, see below for details.
  3. Run OSCAR and select where you want OSCAR to save your data when it asks you. You can simply accept its recommendation.
    1. Note: Do not select the SD card itself as the destination. Select a location on your PC hard drive (or just accept the recommendation).
  4. If you've been using SleepyHead, see below for how to migrate your previous SleepyHead data. Otherwise, see "Running OSCAR for the first time" to set up a new profile and import the data from your machine.

Download and install

OSCAR is available at the official download page:

There are OSCAR versions available for Windows, Apple Mac and Linux. Detailed instructions may be found at the following links:

You may also read the page in a number of different languages - the list of languages is along the top of the page.

OSCAR is open source software, and there are links to the source code near the bottom of the page. Note that this is for software developers - the great majority of users don't need to worry about the source code.

OSCAR data folder

OSCAR needs to set up a folder to store your data in. Click OK to accept the recommended folder or No to select an alternative folder. Note: Do not select the SD card itself as the destination. Select a location on your PC hard drive (or just accept the recommendation).

Oscar data dialog.png

Migrating or importing SleepyHead data

If you have previously used SleepyHead, OSCAR gives you two options to bring your existing data across from SleepyHead to OSCAR:

  • Migrate your data - this is only done once during installation and copies all your SleepyHead data plus your profiles and settings to the new OSCAR data folder. Data is updated as required to reflect changes between SleepyHead and OSCAR. This is the recommended procedure for the majority of users.
  • Import your data from SleepyHead or other OSCAR profile - this can be done anytime after OSCAR has been installed and run. Importing the data only brings the raw data from your CPAP machine and doesn't bring across your profiles or settings. Importing only works if SleepyHead was set up to save a backup copy of your machine data. This process is a little more convoluted and is only recommended for users who are comfortable importing data from files on their computer.

Note that both Migrate and Import leave the existing SleepyHead data untouched so you can still use SleepyHead if you wish to.

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