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OSCAR Installation: Windows

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Windows version 32 bit or 64 bit

The Windows version of OSCAR is available as both 32 bit and 64 bit. In general the 32 bit version will work on all computers using Windows 7, 8 or 10. The 64 bit version is for "power users" running a 64 bit operating system. If in doubt, select the 32 bit version.

Download process

  • In the official OSCAR download page click the link for Windows 32 bit or 64 bit download.
  • The installation file will now download to your computer
    • Important: Some web browsers (eg Chrome) may give you a warning that the downloaded file is unsafe and may damage your computer. Provided you have downloaded Oscar from the link above you can safely ignore this warning and select "Keep file". Browsers other than Chrome (eg Edge, Firefox) may use a different format, but the concept is the same.
  • The usual (default) location for a downloaded file is My Downloads or C:\user\xxx\downloads where the xxx is replaced by your name (eg C:\user\bill\downloads)
    • You may have set your computer so that the default is in a different location.
  • Navigate to the download folder and identify the OSCAR installation file. It will have a name similar to, not not necessarily exactly the same as OSCAR-v1.0.0-Win32.exe
    • Double-click on this file to commence installation.

Virus protection

Because OSCAR is a new product and is not published by one of the big software companies, Windows and the various anti-virus programs may see it as a dangerous program or virus. Provided you have obtained OSCAR from the official download page, it is quite safe and these warnings can be ignored.

Windows may attempt to block the execution of this program. You will see a popup window saying "Windows protected your PC".

Windows Protection 1.png

Click on the "More info" button, and an option to "Run anyway" will appear. Click on this option.

Windows Protection 2.png

At this point your anti-virus software may also block execution. Again you will need to select the option to run the file anyway - the exact details will vary considerably depending on which type of anti-virus software you have.

Virus Protection.png


Once you have got through the protection screens, OSCAR will continue its installation process. A series of information screens and dialog boxes will guide you through the process. In all cases, just select "OK" unless you have a specific reason not to.

  • Setup Language defaults to English, but you can select one of the other supported languages if you prefer.
  • Destination Location defaults to C:\Program Files\OSCAR for the 64 bit version and C:\Program Files (x86)\OSCAR for the 32 bit. You can just accept this or browse for an alternative location if you prefer. (Generally it's better to accept the default).
  • Start Menu Folder sets the location where Windows will place the shortcut to run OSCAR. Accept the default.
  • Additional tasks OSCAR will offer to place a shortcut icon on your desktop. Most users will accept this. You can de-select this option if you prefer.
  • Ready to Install gives a summary of the selections you have made. Click on Install to complete the installation or <Back to go back and make any changes.
  • Completing the OSCAR Setup Wizard OSCAR is now installed and ready to go. You can chose to launch OSCAR immediately.

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