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Camping using Converter
I have a ResMed Air Sense 10 for her. We sometimes camp overnight without electricity in our trailer. I was planning on buying a Resmed 12 to 24 volt converter and was planning on plugging this into the DC outlet in my trailer. I can shut off the humidity and heating of the hose. This would mean that I am running my CPAP machine off the trailer batteries which are 2/6 volt golf cart type batteries. I was planning on recharging the batteries in the morning with a generator.
I have some questions:
1) Has anyone used their machine in this manner.
2) Would I run my batteries down too much using the machine overnight. I still have other appliances that would be drawing electricity at the same time.
3)Has anyone bought this Resmed cord and can tell me how long it is from the DC plug to the machine jack.

I would really not want to have to buy a battery just for an overnight trip.
Any info anyone has would be appreciated. 
Thanks, Elbie
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I have a similar setup as you in my truck camper for boondocking except I use 2- group 27 12V batteries  in lieu of the dual 6V's.  I have a Honda eU-3000 generator that i will run for about an hour a day when camping to recharge.

Using the Resmed converter presented no overnight problems when running directly off of 12V overnight.  I did not use the humidifier but did fill the reservoir with water for convection humidity.  

Member Sleeprider in     THIS POST  mentions an item called a "heat/moisture exchanger.   As in that post I link it here: EXCHANGER
I have not investigated it but will so when my next camping trip come near.
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What is the AH capacity of the 6V batteries? Assume they are wired in series to yield nominal 12V?

Resmed has a battery guide that advises on several of their machines and the AH capacity of battery required for an estimated 8 hr. night of operation - in various configurations. You can google it or search various threads on this site - heck, this is a topic that has been beaten to death several times over on here.)

Depending on what else is drawing power (total load, along with the battery capacity, are good things to know), it is probably not much of a worry, especially as you plan to ditch the heat on the humidifier. Heated humidification and heated hoses GOBBLE up power.

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Diitos on what OMMOHY says about total draw from other components. When I use my setup i am usually running the furnace in winter which runs about 10-15 minutes or so an hour the keep my rig warm, but it is a non-slide truck camper with much less volume than most other RV's.
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Thanks for the info. How are you hooking up - with battery cables and a jack into your machine?
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You have to use the ResMed 12 to 24 Volt converter that is made for the 10 series machines. It has the exact plug for the Resmed machine; and the input is a cigar lighter male plug -- like the AUX power outlets found in most late model cars.

ResMed part number 37297:
[Image: Accessories_Air-10-DCNADC_converter_heroimage.jpg]

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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A battery I am seriously considering trying is the Intocircuit Power Monster 32000mAh Portable Charger Power Bank with 3-Port Output on Amazon. This unit has a DC output for direct power and adapter cables. The key is the 12V 3A output port: "Equipped with 3 port output, can charge 3 electronic devices simultaneously: 1*USB 5V 2.1A + 1*USB 5V 1A + 1*DC 9V 4A / 12V 4A/ 16V 4A/ 19V 3.5A/ 20V 3A. That should be enough to run most devices.
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As said above, the gel or AGM deep cycle batteries found in golfcarts you are using are measured in AH which stands for Amp hours. Unless we know the AH of the battery it is hard to estimate how a CPAP will affect it. Most machines using a humidifer will draw around 2- 3 amps per hour though that is dependent on pressure. If you have a fridge connected to these batteries then they will draw a similar current. So if you are connecting your CPAP along with a fridge then expect your draw to double. I have a Waeco portable gel battery that is rated for 36AH. It will run my fridge overnight for 3 consecutive nights so this will give you an indication.

Finally, how you recharge your batteries is important. The use of a proper battery charger can make a big difference. You don't want to let the gel batteries remain undercharged for too many cycles.
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(04-24-2017, 04:54 PM)justMongo Wrote: You have to use the ResMed 12 to 24 Volt converter that is made for the 10 series machines.  It has the exact plug for the Resmed machine; and the input is a cigar lighter male plug -- like the AUX power outlets found in most late model cars.

ResMed part number 37297:

Resmed made it hard to use a battery without using one of their converters.  Their converter talks to their machine and unless the machine hears it, it will not work.  So you can't go direct between a battery and the machine with Resmed, as Mongo says.

We had a big discussion months back as to how to do it yourself - we had some folks that reverse engineered the Resmed brick, but you probably don't want to do that (I don't want to do that and I like playing with electronics.)

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Does the step-up from 12VDC to 24VDC (or VAC) entail a loss of battery efficiency? If so, for one who wants to get a backup for the Autoset
A10, wouldn't it make sense to get another, well-chosen "fan" that would run off of the appropriate 12V, deep cycle battery? Again, if such 12VDC compatible unit were purchased, which would be most like the A10--or another good choice?
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